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"Change" & "Learning" - Key Ingredients of Culture

Culture is a vital ingredient in cementing the core foundation of a company. Although, there is no tangible or physical measure for culture, it still plays a very important role in how people think about a company and the perception they form. As perception is something which varies from individual to individual, it can be quite challenging to maintain a good perception.

Culture is something which cannot be taught or enforced. So how can a Company cope up with this challenge? Can company's culture help in achieving the company's "Vision"?

This curiosity made me share my view point and am curious to hear your feedback.

One of the key challenge every company is evaluating is, “how to keep the employees motivated and create an innovative atmosphere?"

Company's culture in my opinion is not only the responsibility of the top management but also of every individual who works there. In a traditional approach, “cultural aspects" is something we associate with HR and expect the HR team to communicate the “do’s & don’t”. One can imagine, that there is a high tendency to follow them "because we were asked to do so”. However, if we limit our thinking to this level, then we need to start from ground zero. As all companies are trying to reinvent themselves and position them in competitive market place, there is a huge emphasis on changing our “way of thinking and style of working". Company's are treating employees by considering them valuable assets and trying to bring the culture where individuals are respected and motivated. This kind of environment or wave can not only change an individuals way of thinking and perception but can also create an healthy and transparent environment which help achieve the company's vision.

So the question is from where do we start?

We all have a theory on how to do it. But when it actually comes to doing, we don't know where to start!

Leaning on from my practical experiences, in my opinion, two factors are critical ingredients for every organisation to consider as part of their culture - ‘Change’ and ’Learning’. Change is constant and organisations must continue to evolve and adapt based on the market needs. This indirectly imposes continuous learning within the company. Therefore, these two ingredients must be blended into the company to bring the best possible outcome that aligns with corporate vision.

We are lucky to have an environment where we embrace this belief and are more proactive than reactive to internal and external factors / challenges.

My two cents in realising this belief are as follows:

1. Bring "Change" as an integral part of culture.

2. Encourage the "Learning" as a continuous process.

"Let’s learn, grow and change together”.

- UDCian

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