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Travel Industry - Point of View

Travel and hospitality have been a very resilient industry and has come back time and time again after many disasters either being tsunami, earthquakes or even terrorism.

Surely COVID-19 is a very different situation, but rather than getting scared of it; the industry has to take it as an advantage to REBOOT itself.

Knowing 1 in 10 jobs depend on Tourism, bringing this industry back on its feet and make it ready for future, where it's fun, safe and profitable with the help of right technology is paramount.

Innovation is the key at this stage where businesses need to rewrite their customer experience (This has never been so important till now) to a different level. Revaluate the overall cost, as this will be centre of any origination for many months to come, till we learn to live with a new normal.

Investments should be towards the cloud, data modernisation (even more than before) with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) that supports a modern remote working environment.

AI should also be used to make travellers more responsible for everyone's health and their actions. AI can provide Regular reminders, health tips, more hygienic options. Customer-centric concepts have been in the heart of every step of the decisions taken by the industry, but it has to be changed to people-centric ideas while keeping their social and human challenges in mind. Companies have always focused on B2C, B2B and now renewed focus is required to protect the health and wellbeing of all those, including their employees ( B2E). Frequent, transparent and honest communication will be the key for the future. Bring new tools to help customer/employees/ partners so that a customer can have fearless travel experience, an employee can execute their job safely and collaboratively, and a partner can deliver in a safe environment and can have a seamless experience.

A new wave of digitisation will flow (with the significant influence of AI), where BOTs are used to keep human safe, workplaces will be modernised, new omnichannel which will fit a personal need for eCommerce (not fit for all), real-time data will be the king to make quick decisions (decision Software) and all this under the umbrella of cutting edge Security.

Smaller teams and quick deliveries will achieve new digitisation. "New rules for New Normal".

Time has come to put people first, then the profits and "build back better" by creating more sustainable and resilience industry.

Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said on the International Mother Earth days" we need to turn the recovery into a real opportunity to do things right for the future".

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