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My learnings from delivering Enterprise programme

The following is about the most interesting journey of my career which certainly has been a promising opportunity for me and will be a non-forgettable experience which was worth every minute, hour and each day.

>> The learning taken from Delivering enterprise projects which are challenging and complex in nature are stated below:

Statement #1: Multiple stakeholders are involved.

Experience: With each stakeholder, as a technology partner you would have to adjust per their working size and structure which isn't easy. Our organizations structure and working style could be different to other organizations structure.

Learning: Work on the principles laid down by our organisation and lead the simple path. People will try diversifying your roles and responsibilities, but as an individual we should take a stand and be committed to our R&R. Having said that Management support was backed up in order to overcome this challenge during the programme engagement.

Statement #2: Core-Management strategies

Experience: With multiple stakeholders involved the focus should not be fixing things in one go. Rather, as an organisation or our commitment and passion should strive us towards Short-Delivery Lifecycle to avoid failure from reaching the Milestones.

Learning: With too much to do, and ensuring customer satisfaction is fullest, we should work and target small things and set up foundation strongly such that the risk of failure is less. Agile ways of working did help us moving forward and clearing the backlog delivery of the functionalities which were relying and dependent on commercials & organisation level becomes a pressure. Under pressure, entire team is not expected to over-deliver and it delays the result. Small iterative steps helps us in building the platform for the customer. The platform could not go live if we would have not focused on small things at times. This rely on decision making factors as well which are driven within an enterprise.

Statement #3: Assessing the black Swan risk (Over-Commitment)

We human beings tends to set up example by over-committing and over doing things to ensure the organisation or individual image isn't let down. However as a learning from this project, I understood that there's a thin line that should never be crossed as it leads to habit and unnecessary expectations from different stake holder.

Statement 4: Value Assurance

We should always be adding value and word of mouth plays a very important role. Small things and personal relations build up huge role and keeps going even if there's pressure.

Statement:5 Avoid mis-leading directions and stay focused

With different stakeholders and third parties involved, at times we are being deviated from the goal and objectives. We should always remember the reason why we started the journey and it is that history that makes every programme special.

Statement 6: Cross skill and exposure to New technologies

As an experience, overall for an organisation we have embraced Adobe Experience Management and in future we shall be able to deliver the projects smoothly. It's a big achievement for Ubique Digital and as an employee I will be always proud of it and thankful for the opportunity.

Statement 7: Understanding business objectives and exposure to travel side industry.

How travel industry operates and best measures are practiced has helped me understand how do we progress and help in mitigating risk and issues that impact business as usual.

In this journey I have made some good friends and it has been a great working experience for me working with each one of you. I have taken some good aspects from each one of you which I am sure will help me going forward in the future.

And a thought that I believe in - Follow your dreams and be happy until we work together again.

I can't appreciate enough for the immense love and respect shown by each one of my team members throughout the journey.

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